If you are coming to Grazers, you may be someone like us who is trying to sell all of their riding gear from their precious junior years. Your parents have been asking you for years to clean everything out of the front hall closet or the garage and it is constantly avoided. It may be because you have not had the time or you didn’t know where to sell it or…you thought with some glimpse of hope that you might get to show one last time. For the most part, everything is in great condition and you are wondering where to start. Well look no further. We are now giving you a platform and trusted community where you can sell your used or preowned tack easily. We want to make sure your items can sell so here is the breakdown of the steps to do so.


  1. Go through your old items and check the quality.
  2. Clean and iron the items that you have chosen to sell.
  3. Find a light color background with brighter lighting to take the best images. Do not worry about being a professional!
  4. Take a few pictures of different angles of the item. Imagine if you were the buyer, what would you want to see.
  5. Be descriptive. Make sure to include the size, color, amount of use. This is the time to note any other information about the item i.e. scratch or stain.
  6. Research your pricing. Be reasonable based on when the item was from and how much it was used.
  7. Post to your page!

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