We have some newly added items to the site…bits! Here is a breakdown of the functions of some of the new items added:

Full Cheek Snaffle w/ Rollers- Provides lateral support for quick turning. The copper and steel rollers help to stop the horse from ‘grabbing’ the bit. The rollers help mouthy or anxious horses channel their anxiety somewhere. The full cheek helps from the bit being pulled through if one rein is used more.


Full Cheek Snaffle- The curved mouth piece prevents the bit from hitting the roof of the mouth and leaves room for the tongue. The shape also reduces the direct pressure on the bars of the mouth. Stainless steel.


Twisted Wire/Double Twisted Wire Full Cheek Snaffle- Strands made up of tightly twisted wire with full cheeks that help the bit from sliding. The wire puts pressure on the tongue, bars and lips. The twisted wire helps the rider lighten the horse if they become heavy. The thinner the wire, the more severe the bit can be.

We hope this is helpful! Make sure to check out www.grazersapp.com to see what other great items have been posted.

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