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We have had a lot of great items recently posted that bring us back to our Equitation days. One thing we learned was that you can never be over prepared. No matter what you plan for, you will always be missing something. Whether your horse is acting fresh or the entire show is getting down-poured on, it is good to at least try to anticipate some of these events. You might be just starting out in the showing world or you might be a seasoned vet to the circuit, there will always be a few hot items that every guy or gal equitating should have in their show trunk.


  1. Saddle Pads– Some for schooling and for showing are an absolute must. You should have a few of each depending on the amount of time you will be showing and access to laundry while on the road.
  2. CoolersPrevent a chill after long days of showing.
  3. Rain sheetNo matter what the weather says, it will downpour at some point while at the show.
  4. Girths– One for hacking and one for showing.
  5. Boots– Schooling boots and show boots to protect and prevent from injury.
  6. Bits– Schooling bits and showing bits. Try a loose ring for schooling and a pelham for showing.
  7. Wraps– Caring for your horses legs is one of the best things you can do especially at a horse show and traveling.
  8. Bridle– This goes without saying…
  9. Blankets– Be prepared for anything. Make sure to check what the weather is like in the region you are going.
  10. Treats– Don’t forget them! We have to thank our furry friends for all of their hard work.

Make sure to check out Grazersapp.com to start or continue your journey in creating the complete show trunk!


The Grazers Team


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