frequently asked questions

How do I sell an item?

Sign up as a vendor and follow directions on your vendor dashboard on how to list your items.

How/when do I get paid?

Vendors will be paid on a bi-weekly basis once their order has been shipped and marked as fulfilled.

How do I ship one of my items that has sold?

As a seller, you will receive an email notification when someone has purchased one of your items. There will be links provided in the email notification that will direct you to create a shipping label with the mail carrier of your choice (UPS, USPS, FedEx).

How do I purchase an item?

Add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout. Use your PayPal account to follow the guided secure checkout process. Confirmation will appear at end of purchase and link to return to Grazers site will be provided on PayPal confirmation page.

What can I post?

Any new or used horseback riding equipment for either horse or rider (all disciplines included)

How do I get my item to be the featured item?

Submit a few sentences about your item and when/why you used it or why it was meaningful to your riding experience in the Contact Us section of the site. The Grazers Team will then review your submission to be featured.

How do I set my shipping costs? Does Grazers provide shipping labels?
Shipping costs will vary depending on the weight and size/shape of the item. To get the most accurate estimation of shipping costs you can plug in general info on UPS or USP and get a shipping estimate. Below are some examples of shipping costs from previous orders as reference:
  • Larger/heavier items – i.e. Saddle from MA to CA approximately $60
  • Smaller items i.e. breeches, reins, bits, etc. from MA to CA approximately $10

How to set your own shipping cost:

  • Go to the edit product page
  • Under “product data” select the shipping tab 
  • Click the “insert row” button then enter the amount you wish to charge for shipping 
  • Boxes with a * can be left blank 

The Grazers Team has set a $10 default shipping cost built into each product that is posted. If you are posting a product that would be more expensive to ship, please account for this when listing the item in your cost.

The user is responsible for creating their own shipping labels via the carrier that is most convenient for them ie USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc. **make sure when posting your items, you account for shipping costs

If I am a brand ambassador, how do I refer someone?

If you are a brand ambassador, you will want to ask your referree’s to note that you referred them under the ‘My Account’ screen and then ‘Account details,’ where there is a field to add the name of the person. This field will save to their user profile.

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