how to post your items

Do It Yourself

  1. Click “products” tab on left side vendor menu and click “add product”
  2. Enter product name and description
  3. Under “product data” enter the price you wish to sell your item for
  4. Shipping-
  5. Select a “product category” from the right side menu (i.e. bits, saddles, boots, etc.)
  6. Upload a picture of your item in the “product image” section on the ride hand side
  7. Upload additional pictures of the product directly below in the “product gallery” section
  8. Set your shipping cost on the shipping tab by clicking “insert row” and then entering a dollar amount.
  9. Click the “publish” button to post your product to your tack room or “save as draft” to continue editing your item later.

Let Us Do The Work

  1. Or let the Grazers Team help you post your products!
  2. Send us photos, description, and price of your items and we will post it for you.
  3. Email all info to

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