Tipperary Youth Deluxe Eventer Pro Safety Riding Vest


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Marked at size Y XS but fits like a Y Small. Measures 20.5 in. top to bottom. In great condition; compare at $389. Reach out with any questions or offers 🙂

Evolution Foam™ conforms to each athletes body shape and allows for air return circulation, cooling the body in high temperatures along with specialized antibacterial agents that prevent the vest from odor build up

Lightweight, high density foam provides powerful protection from impact

Tectonic Foam Plating™ in a unique double layer pattern, moves and flexes with the rider without any separation or gaping

Live Spine™ works in conjunction with the Tectonic Foam Plating™ to provide increased impact protection while moving, flexing, and mimicking the athletes movements

Higher cut torso provides greater mobility through the hip angle

Flex Lace Closures™ along with additional darting on the front and back of the vest provide a more customized fit allowing the vest to expand and contract with the athletes movements while offering easy quick fit adjustment with draw string clip and added side flap protection

Reflective trim around the edges of the vest provides higher visibility and increased safety

Zip front

ASTM F1937-04 SEI Certified for maximum protection

Material: Nylon
Closure Style: Zip
Adjustable: Yes
Safety Rating: ASTM F1937-04 SEI Certified for maximum protection

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